About Us

About US

Mahanoor Foods Industries is an entity of Euro Group of Companies.  A well-established dynamic business group of Pakistan. We truly understands the sub-continental culture and traditional taste. The uniqueness of our products lies in our core belief that food has to be safe and healthy. Since 2012, we have been exporting quality products under our own brand of Maha and offering Private Labelling to renowned brands from all around the world.  We at Mahanoor Foods Industries have state-of-the-art machinery and are engaged in manufacturing wide range of Ginger Garlic pastes, Desi and Western Sauces, Fried Onions, Vermicelli, Phenni , Wide range of  Pickles,  Wide range of Pakistani Spices, Juices, Snacks, Honey, Jams, Chocolate Spreads and Cooking Slabs, , Special Pakistani fruit cocktails and Ready-to-Use Canned Foods etc.


And Mission

Our mission is to offer high Pakistani quality products that delight the taste buds of the consumers around the world. At Mahanoor, we believe that our organization is accountable to our Creator, people, and business partners; and pledge to contribute to the betterment of the environment and culture. Our mission is to offer high Pakistani quality products that delight the taste buds of the consumers around the world

As a food and beverage company, we serve customers and consumers across the globe to provide great tasting, Halaal, Hygiene (Tayyab), Nutritious and convenient food, produced with international quality standards with continuous research and development at great value for money.



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